NCOI Learning (formerly Kluwer Training)

At NCOI Learning, we make it possible for every professional to engage in lifelong learning. This is how we strengthen the position of people in the labour market and add value to our society.

Every year, we help over 25,000 people improve their knowledge and skills, which they can then immediately apply in their jobs, helping not only themselves but the companies employing them.

NCOI Learning is a market leader and occupies a unique position within the market thanks to the largest and broadest range of specialised training courses. We have built up the largest network of specialist educators for this purpose. Our educators are not only good at explaining things, but they also have both feet firmly on the professional ground. Their lessons are inspiring and motivating.

Our approach is result-oriented and pragmatic: with open training courses at various locations and in various forms (training courses, seminars, webinars, etc.), and in-company courses tailored to the size and rhythm of your company.

We have spent over 30 years helping anyone with a healthy sense of ambition to get ahead in their job or their company, previously as Kluwer Opleidingen, and then under the proud flag of NCOI Learning since 2020!

NCOI NV is active in Belgium with the brands NCOI Learning, Fiscaal Informatief, and M&D Seminars.



Thanks to our network of authors, trainers and specialists, we continuously absorb a large amount of information in many areas of expertise. We bundle and transform this information in training for professionals.

Focus on quality

We have held the Qfor label for the past 8 years, and on three occasions have won the prize for Best Learning & Development Company at the HR Excellence Awards. We hold a large number of certificates from professional associations and are recognized by the Flemish government as a training provider. Each of these distinctions stands as a guarantee that you will receive high quality service from us. And yet the prizes and recognitions are not what we consider the most important. What gives us the glow of pride is the 93% satisfaction level among our clients. For if more than nine out of ten people who have taken a training course from us say that they have come out of it much stronger than before, that does mean something.

Training for everyone

Cookie-cutter programmes make no sense. Training works only if it is tailored to your level of knowledge and to the current stage of your career. Therefore we offer a very wide range of different training courses, at various levels and in many different areas of knowledge: Finance, Tax & Accounting, Legal, Sales, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Logistics and Purchasing, IT & Project and Process Management, HR & Social Legislation, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality, Business & People Management, Secretarial & Management Support, and Professional Skills.

More than just training

Training courses are not always the most suitable method of learning when it comes to updating skills and competencies. For this reason, we make so bold as to vary our approach: coaching, long-term trajectories, games, webinars, etc. The focus is on the result, not the format. Precisely for this reason, we are happy to think strategically with you. We can offer advice regarding your training policy and your pedagogical approach to ensure they are fully in line with your vision and have even more impact on your employees’ abilities.

A single goal: to make you stronger

Our training courses are designed to help you become even better at what you do. A better specialist, a better decision-maker, a better leader, manager, business manager, marketer, legal advisor, etc. A better team, even. We do this because we are convinced that strong people make for strong organisations.


Partners and trainers

It goes without saying that we do not know possess every aspect of knowledge about your field within our company. It would be crazy to try to do so: the most valuable information comes precisely from people and organisations whose feet are firmly planted in the day-to-day practice within your sector.


For this reason, we have opted for a collaborative model and constantly go in search of strong partners who can inject their knowledge, know-how and expertise into our training programmes:

  • 750 freelance lecturers, each of them specialists in their field
  • Vinçotte, consultancy and services in quality, safety and the environment
  • Finplan, the Financial Planning association
  • BZB, the professional association of independent financial intermediaries
  • Partena, experts in social legislation and payroll services
  • ElaN Languages, our (and your) language partner
  • Xylos Technology Services


Training more than 25,000 professionals in over 5,000 companies every year calls for a powerful organisation. That is something we have. We can hardly present it all to you on this page, but we can let you know who you will likely be dealing with most often:

  • Product managers – We have one or more in-house specialists for each area of speciality. They design our range of training courses on offer. Of course they don’t start from square one. They follow current trends and developments closely, listen to the needs of companies and consult with sectoral associations.

  • Learning consultants – These are your personal partners. They take a close look at your specific questions and needs, and translate your strategy into concrete learning projects. This ensures that from the enormous range on offer you can pick the right components for the right people.

  • Trainers and lecturers – More than 750 men and women who streamline and package their experience, knowledge and insights into easy-to-digest, exciting and practice-based training that can make a real difference.



Campaigns and promotions

Take advantage of our special offers!We regularly highlight certain training courses or offer great discounts for early-bird registrants. It’s definitely worth your while to follow our offerings closely. You can do so on our news page, via the newsletter or on Twitter.