Update: From the 1st of November on: no start of new classroom courses

From the 1st of November on we will not be starting new classroom courses in our open calendar.

Courses and seminars aimed primarily at transferring knowledge and experiences are being converted into digital courses as much as possible.

Courses and training sessions involving a lot of practical exercises that require substantial levels of personal or social interaction are being postponed until a later date.

We will inform all clients personally about the approach for their training.

With these adjustments, we are doing our utmost to make learning possible during this second wave of Covid-19 and we are cooperating to reduce the number of professional social contacts to a minimum.

For our In-Company courses, any changes required and/or desired can always be discussed with your Learning Consultant


Learning safely together: our pact

We’re organising our classroom training courses with social distancing and the necessary hygiene measures, of course. This way you can take your training course in a safe and comfortable way. 

In addition, this autumn NCOI Learning is giving you a digital switch guarantee. If the training course cannot take place in-class, we ensure that training continues digitally. With a money-back guarantee if the training still cannot start due to circumstances.


Quick reference card with instructions.

How do we organise our classroom sessions in a safe way? And what arrangements ensure a comfortable and safe classroom environment? 


More enjoyable digital learning

Digital training may be new for many, but not for NCOI Learning. We already had a wide selection of webinars. We have systematically supplemented it in recent months with short online boost sessions, interactive virtual classroom training courses and new learning platforms.

Did you know that 95% of participants who took a digital training course with NCOI Learning in recent months were very satisfied and would like to do so again? So we’re also routinely offering many training courses digitally as of this autumn. This way we ensure that you can continue to learn and stay up-to-date.

Money-back guarantee

The planned training can't start? Are you unable to take part due to circumstances, and is there no colleague to replace you?

A money back guarantee ensures that we will refund your money at your request. This way we help you keep costs under control in case of force majeure.
Let us know in advance (14 days before the start of the training) and we will do the necessary!