More enjoyable digital learning

Digital teaching methods may be new to many, but not to NCOI Learning. Over 5,000 professionals have already taken part in an online course. We have a wide range of virtual classrooms that we organise via Vitero, MS Teams or Zoom. We also offer many live and on-demand webinars.

Did you know, by the way, that 95 % of the participants who have followed a digital course at NCOI Learning in the past few months were very satisfied and are happy to return? We offer many courses digitally as standard. That way, we make sure that you have an accessible means of continuing to learn and keep up.


Safe classroom courses

We organise safe classroom courses, with social distancing and the necessary hygiene measures.  That goes without saying. So you can follow your course safely and in total comfort.

Can’t your course go ahead in a classroom? We look for the most appropriate alternative.


Quick reference card with instructions

How do we organise our classroom sessions in a safe way? And what arrangements ensure a comfortable and safe classroom environment? 


Money-back guarantee

The planned training can't start? Are you unable to take part due to circumstances, and is there no colleague to replace you?

A money back guarantee ensures that we will refund your money at your request. This way we help you keep costs under control in case of force majeure.
Let us know in advance (14 days before the start of the training) and we will do the necessary!