"There is a much greater understanding of what constitutes stress, and employees are now better at identifying their own 'stress drivers'."

Laurent Balleux, HR Director

Nele Belmans, HR Business Partner



A 2014 survey conducted among people working for the insurance company NN Belgium pointed to a sharp increase in the level of workplace stress. The high-pressure environment was attributed to the extraordinary transformation NN Belgium has been undergoing. The measures taken to address workload include helping to increase the resilience of employees and teaching them to deal with stress on a more conscious level. To help, NN Belgium called on the services of NCOI Learning.


In consultation with NCOI Learning, NN Belgium opted for short workshop sessions lasting two hours: one for employees and one for managers. During their workshop, employees learned to think about how they operated, what energizes them and what requires their energy. They became more aware of their stress drivers, and they now find it easier to identify and deal with these drivers.

The managers’ workshop taught them how to identify stress in different types of people, how to react in a 'non-violent' way and work with employees toward achieving solutions.


Were the workshops a success? Nele Belmans definitely thinks so. "The feedback we received was nearly all positive. Most people thought a two-hour session was too short. As for the strong points, people now have a much better understanding of what stress is and are better placed to identify the stress drivers themselves. The trainer's interactive approach was also much appreciated."