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Team training

We understand precisely how your company earns its money, and so we design result-oriented learning programmes that capitalise on what´s going on in your sector and what your employees are experiencing on a day-to-day basis.
Discover the possibilities of in-company training tailored to your organisation in these areas: 

  •     Leadership & change management
  •     Professional skills
  •     Sales & customer orientation
  •     Project management
  •     The New World of Work


Team coaching

Team coaching accompanies teams in achieving better collaboration and results. It also offers a solution at moments of crisis, during conflicts or tensions, when targets are not achieved, or while putting together new teams.

  • How united is the team about the objectives, the role and the mission in the organisation?
  • Are agreements fulfilled?
  • How engaged are the team members, and do they have confidence in one another?
  • How does the team deal with conflicts?

The Kluwer Learning coaches are experts at getting the team out of its comfort zone by using playful exercises (training, game, creative assignment, outdoor assignment, etc.). At your request we’ll supplement the coaching with specific tools (MBTI®, MTR-i™, DISC, Core quadrants, etc.) in order to identify and assess differences between team members and determine how they can be deployed in a more synergistic manner.

Solid testimonials

Every day there are trainers and consultants from Kluwer Learning at work in top companies and organisations. Here a few companies describe how our customised training helped them move forward.