Get acquainted with ‘Working Out Loud’

On 1 and 2 June the ‘Enterprise Digital Summit 2016’ conference on Social Collaboration, the Future of Work & Digital Transformation is being held in Paris.

The conference features several top speakers like Dion Hinchcliffe, Paul Miller and Jane McConnell.

  • 1 June is Future Day. Trends and concepts are on the programme.
  • 2 June is Practice Day. Cases are primarily featured.

Isabel De Clercq, Trendcatcher and Learning Consultant at Kluwer Learning, is leading a ‘Working out Loud’ workshop.

Interested in participating? Then we’re pleased to offer you a network discount of 15% on the registration price (Promotion code:  eds16pa). You can register here.

Programme for Open Space Workshop on ‘Working out Loud’

  • Why is Working Out Loud a critical digital skill? It's about network literacy, technical skills and a participatory mindset. It's about self-management and anti-fragility.
  • What are the effects of Working Out Loud for the individual, for our teams and for our organization?
  • How can you implement Working Out Loud in your organization? Lessons learned from an experiment at Wolters Kluwer Belgium.
  • Working Out Loud is not self-evident. How do you teach people to become reflective practitioners and strong communicators?