How can I pay for my training course?

Paying for your training course

The cost of the training course is always stated on the brochure or web page (price excl. VAT). The price also includes all the costs for catering and documentation.

Shortly after your registration, you will receive an invoice in your inbox. You pay the invoice upon receipt and always before the start of the training programme. Be sure to include the structured message in your transfer. This can be found on your invoice. If you are paying from abroad, use these codes:

  • IBAN: ING BE19 3630 4947 6912

If you have you not received your invoice, but only the confirmation email, please call us on +32 15 79 16 40.

If you are paying with your kmo-portefeuille, or if you use other training subsidies, follow these instructions.
On demand webinars can't be paid with 'kmo portefeuille' due to regulations.