Learning programmes with enduring results

Kluwer Learning knows your business and is well acquainted with your sector. We can develop customised learning programmes for your organisation in the following areas:

Leadership & change

We believe that strong people create strong strategies. Tell us about the ambition of your your company. We support your change projects and bring your managers up to speed for future-proof leadership.

Professional skills


Your employees will hone their professional skills in communication, meeting and presentation techniques, time and priority management, social media & mobile communication, creativity and innovation, etc.

Sales & customer orientation

We boost the effectiveness of your sales teams, work with your sales approach and enhance your sales processes. Result? An overall reflex to generate added value from each customer contact. 



From the basics of project management to certification trajectories for high-level projects, you'll find it here. Consider a customised training programme when you want a perfect fit with your processes, your projects, and the situations that your project team members encounter day in, day out.

Customer cases

Kluwer Learning works for over 5000 organizations every year. These are companies that are ambitious in terms of the growth of their employees, teams and organizations.
Take a look at some cases and discover how we help ambitious organizations with our expertise and customized in-company training.

Our learning consultants

Caroline Savoye

Drawing on my expertise, I analyse the given situation, listen actively to the client and suggest a possible approach. Facilitating these joint analyses, taking the next step of translating them into the appropriate solution and seeing satisfied clients give me the greatest satisfaction.


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Ilse Schepens

For me, learning something new every day, giving my clients ideas, and working with them and our trainers on their questions is invigorating. Thinking along with the client, sharing experiences and developing learning initiatives to suit the target group are the main building blocks of my job. My approach? Professional, with a touch of humour and always results-oriented.     




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Koen Dierckx

Strive to make employees and managers aware of their intrinsic strengths, so that they can do even better in contributing to the growth of their organisation. Co-creation and knowledge sharing are, in my view, crucial elements in developing yourself and your organisation and in increasing your competitiveness. That is why I see each development plan not as a one-time injection but always as a multi-stage process.


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Barbara Verschueren

It is a pleasure to be able to meet interesting and motivated people, listen to their inspiring ideas, and analyse these in view of designing learning solutions that can translate those ideas into reality.


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